We leave Ibiza today. Set off for the mainland of Spain where we will be stopping for the night at Calpe which is about 60 miles away. We stop after about 10 miles at an island called Espalmador, which is just north of Formentera and south of Ibiza. Formentera is famous for it’s white sandy beaches and clear blue water, and Espalmador looks to be a small version of it!

As we get closer to the Spanish coast you can start to see the big rocky mountains on the horizon. By the time we get closer it’s dark, but the entrance to Calpe has a huge big rock jutting into the sky that is joined by a narrow bit of land to the mainland, such weird and random big rocks and mountains sticking out all along the coast, so pretty!  As we get closer to the big rock at the entrance to the harbour you can begin to see how big it is! We moor up at the fuel bowser area in the fishing port (not the nicest place to spend the night, but it’s free so no complaints!)

Motor is on before we’re out of bed! Jump up to help with the departure process, untying the ropes and coiling them up and bringing in the fenders and putting them away. After a while I wonder if we left Angus behind because nobody has seen him this morning! He’s in his room watching tv shows on his i-pad, so we don’t have to turn around to go back and find him. A long motor down the coast, the land is changing rapidly, there are not so many big, jagged rocks as we head further south. Quite a change from the seas we’ve been sailing recently, very busy especially with fishing boats. The weather is extremely calm.