We set off back to Majorca to Palma which is the main town on the island, mainsail and genoa up straight away and we’re hooting along at up to 12 knots! Arrive in Palma, an overwhelming number of marinas to choose from all next to each other along the edge of the town and a big cathedral looking down on you as soon as you near the city, beautiful! We try to get into a marina close to the main area of the town but it was full, so we settled for one a little further away and moored up between big yachts, we were the smallest boat in that area! Because the boat is 21m long, the mooring lines at the marina that “hold” the boat in place need to be quite long, so where most of the sailing yachts are moored the lines aren’t long enough for us, so we’ve ended up being placed with the big boys! Only chartered yachts here with all the staff finishing up for the summer season cleaning and repairing these beautiful boats, both massive motorboats and massive sailing boats.

George and I walk into town to have a look at the Cathedral. Quite a hot walk there, defiantly one of the warmer days we’ve had since leaving Corfu. The Cathedral is beautiful, building began in 1306 and was completed in 1601, it has the biggest Gothic rose window in the world, with one each end of the cathedral facing each other that cast amazing rainbows across the floor. Huge ceilings and even some Gaudi work, it was such an impressive building.

Nigel and Angus had the emergency life raft serviced today which will be delivered back to the boat tomorrow. We had a look at the old stuff they they took out to replace with new survival things, emergency drinking water, a first aid pack, and some food, we tried some biscuit things that are full of calories and not particularly tasty but will keep you alive!

We all disembark and head for a bar that Nigel and Jane have told us about, it is such a weird and wonderful place! Big fruit displays are the first thing you see as you walk through the huge wooden doors from an exterior that gives nothing away as to what’s inside. Big flower decorations, fruit displays and statues decorate the big old mansion style building, it’s a mix of good taste and tack really! There is an outside area that is quite full of people, it has a water fountain in the middle and an aviary when you first walk out with budgies in it! It’s definitely something you have to see to understand, but a very cool place! We decide to have a drink here! The drinks are very expensive! But Nigel and Jane insist that since we’re only here once it’s their treat, so Jane, Nigel and I have a cocktail, Paul has a sherry, Angus has water (boring!) and George has a Gin and tonic. I head to the toilet in the mean time, there is a Juliet balcony overlooking the outdoor courtyard area, so more photos there before heading back to the table to see the waiter pouring George’s gin, he fills the tumbler half full of gin! Our eyes get wider and wider the longer he holds the bottle upside down over the glass! While we enjoy our cocktails, George struggles with the strongest gin and tonic he’s ever had! It was a really fun evening and comes highly recommended.