Monday 7th October

We stopped today for lunch on the Lavezzi Islands. Well Lavezzi rocks really.

This collection of beautiful granite rocks sits in the middle of teh gap between the islands of Italian Sardinia and French Corsica. There is an unmanned lighthouse. In hte summer this lagoon is packed with yachts, but in October there are only 3 boats here. The water is very shallow for us – with 10 feet and crystal clear water, we are able to see our way in very slowly. And anchor in a very short chain.

George and Rachel on our new paddleboards

George and Rachel on our new paddleboards

We tried out the new paddleboards today. They are pump up boards which we can stow away in the deck lockers. Pumped up rock hard, they are very usable.

Need to push on today to get to Bonifcio, Corsica tonight – and then over to Menorca