Isla De Cabrera which is an island in a National Park off the coast of Majorca, about 40miles from Porto Cristo. Lunch along the way, Jane made some sandwiches which went down a treat. Arrive at about 4pm, you are supposed to fax through 2 days ahead of your arrival asking for permission to moor for the night, and during the peak of summer it’s always full! Having not done that, we where told to head straight to the office once we arrive and at that at this time of year we wouldn’t have a problem getting a mooring. The harbour master has to book us in online on his dial up computer straight from the early 90’s (which takes ages).

Really pretty entrance, a little castle is sitting on the highest peak of the surrounding cliffs, and lots of big caves on the way in. There are a surprising number of yachts in the bay, turns out there is a distance race that is staying the night here with about 20 yachts. George and Angus go for a long paddle board in search of the caves we saw on the way in, but it ends up being way too far away! The rest of us dingy ashore to walk up to the castle. An easy walk up there, great views at the top! We can see George and Angus on their paddle boards. A dark and tight spiral staircase to the top section, a little scary at first! Lots of photos before we head down. Nigel, Jane and Paul want to stay for a drink at the little bar so Sarah and I swim back to the boat! Really nice water, very clear and a dark blue colour because it’s so deep, not what we’re used to! Dinner on board tonight, George and I have defrosted the big fillet of tuna for dinner (We’re still eating it), we cook up some roast veg and marinate the tuna in soy and wasabi