At about 9am, we got our first bite on the rod, a tuna running hard and fast away from the boat! I went to get Angus out of bed but he was already running down the corridor! Excitement stations, George reeled in the tuna, a fairly good size, but when Angus tried to gaff it, it got off the line and swam away.

Not to worry, about 30mins later we were on again! A bigger one this time, we dragged it behind the boat while Angus built up the courage to gaff it, and we landed it on the boat! A 7kg Tuna!! Angus was standing on the bathing platform being dunked up to his thighs in the swell while gutting it, everybody now stinks of fish! Cut three steaks before deciding to just cut big fillets off the sides. George made some delicious raw tuna sushi for lunch with wasabi and soy and pickled ginger.