We had a good aftermoon exploring the Rock of Gibraltar. The town and marinas have not got much going for them, but the Rock itself was fun.

We took a cable car to the top and were warned to keep our bags concealed. There was a pack of about 20 apes at the top station frisking visitors. And more along the cliff top paths.

The guides were up there feeding the apes next to the “Dont feed the apes sign” and some are very tame. Willy jumped on Angus and then George and them ran off.

Angus did help one ape get a branch of berries from a tree – but he just snatched them away. No manners.

We walked for about 5 miles down the cliff paths which was a push after a few weeks inactivity on the boat.

Did I say Gibraltar had not got much going for it? Well there is Morrisons selling English brand food – oh and diesel at 69p per litre. We filled up with both.

If you want to stop at Gib then try to book. Marinas are full and there is little provision for visitors. We could not get in the first night – and were turned away to LaLinea Marina in Spain which is 1 mile accross the border.

Tomorrow we leave for The Atlantic. Hopefully the storm clouds you see in the picture above are just a local thing!