Before our ownership, Ocean Free was used in the film “Dead Calm” staring a young Nicole Kidman aged 19 together with Sam Neill and Billy Zane.

In the story,  John Ingram (Neill) and his wife Rae (Kidman) head out for a vacation alone on their yacht. In the middle of the Pacific they encounter a drifting boat that seems to be taking on water, they provide help to the lone survivor Hughie Warriner (Zane) who turns out to be a psychopath.    The story twists and turns as they try to get this man out of their lives.

The film  was filmed over a 14-week span in the Whitsunday Islands in the winter of 1987, using Yacht Stormvogel as the Ingrams boat.   The final coda sequence was refilmed at the request of Warner Bros seven months after principal photography finished and Stormvogel was no longer available.  Ocean Free was used and was suitably tricked up to look the part.   See 0:25 min  in the Youtube clip, you will see that the dolphin emblem at the bows is painted out, a bowsprit is fitted and the pullpit is crudely modified to look like the previous boat.

In the filming, the crew damaged the main mast with a flare and paid to have the aluminium anodised spars painted in white.