Look no hands! And not much holding up the mast either

We bought a replacement set of standing rigging from Spencers Rigging in Cowes (dont use them, they were appalling to deal with) and sent it down by truck to Corfu.

We moved the boat next to.the Quay in Corfu Marina and fitted the new rigging with the mast up. When I said "we" thats everyone else but me. I stayed on the ground doing Health and Safety checks !

Its 75 feet above the sea at the top and surprisingly windy even on a calm day. During the summer, it took me 3 goes to measure the rigging with a tape measure flapping in the wind. It needs to be accurately done which is hard when you are shaking. And when you are hanging on with both hands and feet and watching for incoming wash! And you poked yourself with a stick in the eye – but thats another story…