Left the marina at about 9am, fuelled up and set off by about 9:30-10am. Motored north from the east side of Corfu bound for the southern tip of the Italian coast. Not too far from the safety of the bay it started to get quite rocky, and it only got worse! We turned off the motor and sailed with the main and inner jib and were going an average of 10knots. In some patches the wind was gusting up to 37knots! George, Angus to and I all went down with sea sickness, Nigel was the only one who was ok! I stayed in the cockpit with Nigel for the morning while Angus and George took on the fetal position in their beds. When they appeared, I disappeared to my bed! It was windy and raining and very choppy swell! The sea-sick diet is a good one but not one I would wish upon anyone! By evening time we started to feel a little better, saw our first pod of dolphins!