May 2010

Cruise 2010

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Ocean Free summer cruise 2010 Turkey this year -cruising round the Lycian coast and then an end of year trip up to Istanbul for the winter.

August 2009

Sailing in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece

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After a windy few weeks in the Central Aegean we reach the relative quiet of the Dodecanese Islands.     Here we are sailing out from Patmos and heading over to Turkey...

Greek islands sailing

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Here we are sailing in the Greek Islands

June 2009

Cruise 2009

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Ocean Free summer cruise 2009 Round Greece and across the Aegean to Turkey. Startiing from Corfu, we travel down the Ionian islands. Then rather than cut through the Corinth Canal, we decided to go round the south of Greece, up to near Athens and then accross the Aegean through the [...]

August 2008

Sailing with dolphins

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An evening with dolphins en-route from Sicily to Corfu

June 2008

Cruise 2008

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Ocean Free summer cruise 2008 The boat is ready, the crew are teed up and the flights are booked - see how we go.

October 2007

Cruise 2007

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England to Spain in 2007 Our first voyage on Ocean Free was from the UK down to Spain. On reflection we should have considered some easier voyages first after a 2 year refit. But the project over-ran, the kids were on school holidays and Jane wanted to get somewhere warm.   [...]

September 2007


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